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A funding opportunity to advance the primary prevention of breast cancer by developing, disseminating, implementing, and evaluating high-impact population-based primary prevention interventions

This initiative aims to advance the primary prevention of breast cancer by developing, disseminating, implementing, and evaluating high-impact population-based primary prevention interventions with a focus on California’s culturally, ethnically, and racially diverse and medically underserved communities. This initiative builds on the CBCRP-sponsored Paths to Prevention: the California Breast Cancer Primary Prevention Plan by leveraging existing community cancer and chronic disease prevention efforts and focusing on identified risk factors for breast cancer. This work is in two phases. Phase 1 focused on: 1) Understanding the breast cancer concerns and prevention priorities of community leaders, researchers, practitioners, and policy experts across California; 2) Engaging community and opinion leaders, research, practice, and policy specialists in regional California meetings to identify opportunities for working together in breast cancer prevention coalitions based on shared concerns and priorities; and 3) Helping build community-partnered participatory research and dissemination and implementation research capacity and research engagement within these coalitions. Phase 2 will fund the implementation of strategies generated in Phase 1.

CBCRP is sponsoring a Request for Proposals (RFP) for CLASP-BC Phase 2 Full Awards.

CBCRP intends to fund up to three awards with a maximum total direct cost budget of $1,200,000 each and a duration of three years. CLASP-BC Phase 2 Planning Grants (RFP available here) are available for applicants who would benefit from financial support while preparing a CLASP-BC Phase 2 application. The application deadline for Planning Grants is June 06, 2024.  

Download the RFP below:

Full Request for Proposals (RFP)

Completed responses to this RFP are due by March 06, 2025, 12 noon PDT. Application materials will be available in the SmartSimple grants management system at from September 2024. The award start date is August 1, 2025.

For questions or more information, contact CBCRP Program Officer Sharima Rasanayagam at

Specific Aims and Activities

CLASP-BC is part of CBCRP’s Program Initiative strategic priority to disseminate and implement high-impact, population-based prevention approaches by funding large scale, evidence-informed interventions (EIIs), through multi-jurisdictional actions, with the intent to decrease the risk of breast cancer and other chronic diseases (sharing common risk factors), particularly among racial/ethnic minorities and medically underserved populations in California.

The aims of CLASP-BC Phase 2 Full Awards are to support Dissemination and Implementation Research Projects that:

  1. Expand upon existing primary prevention efforts into two or more California jurisdictions;
  2. Focus on disadvantaged, high risk communities with unmet social needs;
  3. Actively engage the leadership of local community-based organizations with research scientists, public health and/or community health practitioners, and legislative/executive policy influencers/makers as partners; and rigorously evaluate the impact of these expanded collaborative efforts.
  4. Include and update annually a sustainability plan for successful dissemination and implementation approaches.
  5. Collaboratively disseminate results of dissemination and implementation research through community, practice, and policy presentations (e.g., social media, press conferences, town hall/community meetings, press release, policy briefs, newsletters and magazines), as well as peer-reviewed publications.

Community Involvement and Focus

The use of the principles of Community Partnered Participatory Research (CPPR) will be central to successful applications. All applications should be CPPR projects led by co-PIs within the coalitions of the community, research, practice, and policy organizations applying.

Dissemination Plans

CLASP-BC Phase 2 Full Award dissemination plans should include:

  1. Methods to ensure application of findings
  2. Poteintial impact on policy
  3. Translational potential

All grantees will be required to participate in quarterly all-grantee conference calls and an annual in-person meeting to exchange their lessons learned and to share their sustainability planning and evaluation activities.


Project duration and budget cap

CBCRP intends to fund up to three awards.

  • Maximum total direct cost budget: $1,200,000 each
  • Project duration: 3 years