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Closed Funding Announcements

Through CBCRP's Program-Directed Initiatives, funding opportunities will stimulate compelling and innovative research in four topical areas related to breast cancer: environmental causes, health disparities, population-level interventions and targeted interventions for high risk individuals

The following are closed Program-Directed Initiatives: 

Funding announcement Full RFP/RFQ*
Chemical Safety Testing to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk RFP (pdf)
Occupational Chemical Exposures in California and Breast Cancer Risk RFP (pdf)
The Impact of Chemical Policy to Reduce or Eliminate Exposures Linked to Breast Cancer RFP (pdf)
Improving Breast Cancer Risk Assessment to Identify High-Risk Individuals RFP (pdf)
Identify Novel Biological Markers of Breast Cancer Risk Related to Environmental Chemical Exposures RFP (pdf)
California's Comprehensive Breast Cancer Primary Prevention Plan  RFQ (pdf)
Science Convener for Program Initiatives RFQ (pdf)
Animal Models to Investigate Concurrent Effects of Environmental Chemicals and Stress Factors on Mammary Cancer RFP (pdf)
Pilot Studies to Prevent Developmental Exposure to Ionizing Radiation from Medical Imaging RFP (pdf)
The Impact of Proposition 65 to Reduce or Eliminate Exposures Linked to Breast Cancer RFQ (pdf)
Adverse Childhood Experiences and Breast Cancer Risk RFP (pdf)
Community-Driven Pilot Studies to Explore Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Consumer Product Availability and Use RFP (pdf)
Examining Hormone Concentrations of Interest to Breast Cancer Risk in California’s Beef RFP (pdf)
Non-Targeted Testing of Chemicals in Drinking Water in California RFP (pdf)
Pilot Studies to Examine Hormone Concentrations of Interest ot Breast Cancer Risk in California's Beef and Well Water RFP (pdf)

* For information purposes only.