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CBCRP Diversity Supplements

CBCRP Diversity Supplements support historically underrepresented trainees conducting research on CBCRP-funded projects.


The California Breast Cancer Research Program (CBCRP) is committed to bringing diverse perspectives to bear on the intransigent questions in breast cancer. To ensure that the field is including all resources, we recognize the need to involve people who have been historically underrepresented in the research pipeline. As a step to addressing this need, CBCRP is implementing CBCRP Diversity Supplements.

Under the mentorship of a CBCRP-funded PI, this supplement will expose promising high school students, undergraduate students or community members from groups underrepresented in breast cancer research and/or those who wish to pursue careers focused on questions affecting underrepresented communities to breast cancer research. The trainees must be living in California and include those: (a) from socioeconomic, cultural, ethnic, racial, linguistic, and geographic backgrounds who are and/or have been underrepresented in breast cancer research or (b) pursuing a research interest focusing on cultural, societal, or educational problems as they affect underserved segments of society.

The CBCRP Diversity Supplement supports these trainees to conduct cancer research over a summer or for up to 6 months FTE over a one-year period. The applicant PI is expected to actively provide research mentorship to the trainees on research activities that align with the scope of the PI’s funded CBCRP award. Go to research-topics/diversity-supplement-awardees view the awardees to date.

Download the details about the CBCRP Diversity Supplements below: 

CBCRP Diversity Supplements


Application Process

Requests for the CBCRP Diversity Supplement are above the award cap and are available for all CBCRP award types except Conference Awards. Supplement requests may be submitted during prefunding of the award or submitted with the annual scientific progress report, if there is at least 6 months remaining on the project. 

At prefunding stage

A Diversity Supplement deliverable will be included with the Prefunding deliverables for the grant. If you are interested in applying for a Diversity Supplement complete and upload the application forms and submit the deliverable.

If you are not interested in submitting a Diversity Supplement application upload a blank PDF and submit the deliverable.

At annual reporting stage

Initiate the Diversity Supplement request as you are preparing your annual progress report. Create an Award Amount Modification (AAM) request by clicking the "Create New" button on the Annual Progress Report activity. Complete and upload the application forms and submit the AAM.

Application materials

Complete both of the application forms and upload them to the SmartSimple deliverable as a single PDF.