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Program-directed Initiatives

Supporting coordinated, directed and collaborative research that addresses strategic needs in breast cancer research.

In 2004, CBCRP launched Special Research Initiatives (SRI), which devoted 30 percent of CBCRP research funds to support coordinated, directed and collaborative research on the identification and elimination of environmental causes of breast cancer and the identification and elimination of disparities and inequities in the burden of breast cancer in California. These resulted in many successful research projects (pdf).

In March 2010, the Council decided to build on the existing SRI by devoting 50 percent of CBCRP research fund between 2011 and 2015. This new effort is titled the California Breast Cancer Prevention Initiatives. The ultimate goal of this funding strategy is to support research that not only increases knowledge about these questions, but also points to solutions that will reduce the suffering from breast cancer and move science closer to eliminating the disease. 

In December 2014, the program launched the Policy Initiatives, which is intended to close the gap between research and policy (both public and private) by funding research that contributes to creating an environment in California that leads to less breast cancer.