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CBCRP Conference Awards

Informing, stimulating ideas and fostering research specific to breast cancer.

We offer two types of conference awards. The Standard Conference Award, described on this page, is open to all applicants who have the capacity to host an event that satisfies the criteria below. The new Community-Led Conference Award supports grassroots organizations that need more time or resources to develop and execute a successful event.

Community-Led Conference Award applicants will submit a letter of intent prior to submitting a full application. The council will provide feedback that the applicant may use in preparing the application for the award. If you or your organization would benefit from this additional feedback, learn more about the application process on our Community-Led Conference Award page.


We will hold an applicant informational webinar on September 18, 2023 11am-12pm in which we will describe the requirements and application process for the IDEA, Translational Research, Community Research Collaboration and Conference Awards. Register to join the webinar at:   

CBCRP held a webinar that focused specifically on describing the conference award application process and requirements on September 19, 2017. View this webinar to learn about both the Standard Conference Awards and Community-Led Conference Awards.

Standard CBCRP Conference Awards must be submitted through the SmartSimple database.

All conference awards will support events that are designed to address one or more of the following goals:

  • Highlight resources particular to California
  • Encourage new collaborations
  • Recruit high quality researchers to the field
  • Examine and create solutions for disparities/inequities
  • Inspire paradigm-shifting research
  • Inform policy
  • Promote translational and/or outcome driven research that will impact public health outcomes
  • Create tools for educating members of the public about breast cancer

At least one major objective of the conference or event must focus on breast cancer and at least 50 percent of the event must be devoted to accomplishing the breast cancer objective(s). Funding preference will be given to events that bring together people with different perspectives who do not usually meet and exchange views and to events that are more likely to lead to new research projects and new collaborations.

Events may take place in-person, virtually or iin some combination. Some format options for the Conference Award include:

  1. A symposium or webinar with formal presentations and targeted breakout sessions,
  2. A retreat that emphasizes less formal interactions or
  3. A conference style roundtable discussion of pertinent issues without pre-existing leadership roles established.

If there are in-person elements to the event, the format should include alternate strategies for implementing physical distancing measures if they are necessary at the time of the event.

It is expected that researchers, breast cancer advocates and the general public will be included in the meeting planning, organization and participation.

The event organizers must designate a specific use of the CBCRP funds (e.g., scholarships, a specific session or activity) and give the CBCRP name recognition for it in event materials. The requested budget can exceed the cost of the particular session or activity, but the additional items must also be distinguished from the overall budget. An awards banquet or reception is not appropriate for sponsorship.

The event must demonstrate that it has furthered breast cancer research, education and/or policy development. Examples of results include, but are not limited to:

  • A description of new breast cancer research aims/priorities identified by meeting attendees
  • New cutting edge technology, instruments or communications tools
  • A list and description of new investigators/potential researchers/advocated who have been introduced to the field
  • Syllabus of presented papers and any planned papers
  • Action plan for supporting new collaborators

It is strongly recommended that event organizers include a plan for video recording the key presentations for potential distribution on the organization's web site, as well as on this web site.

Advocates must be involved in each phase of the event, including planning, implementation, participation in the program and attendance. CBCRP staff involvement in the event planning and implementation, and attendance by members of CBCRP staff and council, must be permitted.

Conference Award Instructions (pdf)

Budget: Up to $25,000 in direct costs will be awarded. F&A (indirect) costs are not allowed. CBCRP intends to fund at least one standard award and one community-led award and will distribute up to $50,000 in Conference Awards each year.

Evaluation and funding: Applications will consist of a conference plan (seven page limit with two additional pages for references) and supplementary forms. Applicants must list the major event objectives in the conference plan, identify the objectives that focus on breast cancer and describe how the event will accomplish the breast cancer objectives.

The application will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Portion of the event that is focused on breast cancer (at least 50% of the event must be devoted to breast cancer objectives to be eligible for the award)
  • Relevance of the major event objectives to the Conference Award goals
  • Relevance of the event topic(s) to CBCRP research priority issues
  • Strength of outreach to ensure representation from new disciplines, especially for disciplines not now integrated into breast cancer research
  • Potential of the event to generate new ideas and facilitate collaboration
  • The usefulness of any tools or products that will be generated by the event
  • The strength of plans for post-event dissemination and outreach
  • The extent to which the activities that would be covered by the CBCRP funds are integral to the success of accomplishing the breast cancer objectives
  • Qualifications and background of the applicants/event organizers
  • Involvement of advocates (learn more about the importance of advocated to our approach)

If an award is made, it can take up to three months to disburse funds. The CBCRP will require a written report upon the completion of event activities within 60 days of the final meeting, and a fiscal report will be due within 90 days.