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Our approach

We are committed to research that is innovative, collaborative and responsive.

We strive for scientific excellence and commitment to community. We fund high-quality research for greater impact — studies that challenge existing beliefs, look in new direction or incorporate new techniques. We seek the best science that will lead to progress in eliminating breast cancer, and we've built a nationally recognized peer review system with expert scientific and advocate reviewers from around the country to ensure the quality of the projects we fund. We also support your researchers, with the knowledge that their talent and imagination lead us down creative paths of investigation.

From our strategic planning process to every project we fund, advocates are central to our work. The CBCRP was created from the energy, wisdom, and dreams of the women and men affected by breast cancer. Their participation reminds us that breakthroughs are not meant to languish in scientific journals, but instead should be leveraged into practical use and greater impact against the disease.

In addition to involving active advocates in research and planning decisions, we want our research to inform the broader public — reaching beyond the breast cancer research and advocacy community to influence policy and increase community understanding of the disease.