Featured Researcher—Stefanie S. Jeffrey, M.D.

Stefanie JeffreyDr. Stefanie Jeffrey is the Chief of Breast Surgery and a John and Marva Warnock Faculty Scholar in Cancer Research at Stanford University School of Medicine.

Developing Individualized Therapies for Breast Cancer

Dr. Jeffrey is using genomic analysis to identify the critical genes that differentiate normal cells from breast cancer cells and to distinguish important subsets of cancer cells within tumors. In particular, she is determining which cells within a tumor can gain access to the blood and lymphatic circulation, and which specific cells among circulating tumor cells can form metastases (tumors that have spread from the breast to other areas of the body). The ultimate goal is to identify targets for the development of patient-specific, low toxic therapies for breast cancer. For more information about her studies click here. Read more >

Ask an Expert

If you’d like to ask Dr. Jeffrey a question about her research, please email your question to stefaniejeffrey@cabreastcancer.org any time between February 9 and March 30. New questions and answers will be posted regularly, so check back for updates.

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