Communication is a critical component of our work. One of the CBCRP's top priorities is facilitating the dissemination of research findings and their translation into public health practice.

Annual Reports

The CBCRP publishes a description of the program highlights from the year and a summary our investigators' completed projects.

Awards Compendia

Our Awards Compendium, published each year at the conclusion of the funding process, introduces the new research grants, including funding data, highlights, and an overview of the review committees.


Quarterly newsletters keep the public informed about the latest breast cancer research findings.

Program Evaluation

Regular evaluations of award mechanisms and research priorities ensure that the CBCRP is funding the science that will bring us closer to curing breast cancer.


The CBCRP actively recruits researchers outside of the "hard science" arena to apply their skills and explore new ideas for a cure for breast cancer.

Position Papers

The CBCRP produced a review of research on the environment-breast cancer connection and on the individual and neighborhood-level disparities in the incidence and outcomes of the disease. Also included here are previously-commissioned position papers to help the advisory council with its priority-setting process, and a companion report to the California Cancer Registry's special report, Breast Cancer in California, 2003 (downloadable here). We offer the information presented in these position papers to help disseminate the need for regard to specific issues affecting the rates of breast cancer in California.